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Mobile Pokies are one of the basic and the most commonly played casino games and online casino games in the world. This is why online casinos always pay extra attention to the pokies gaming portfolio and it is usually the biggest gaming category they have. The same can be said about mobile casinos as players love to enjoy spinning pokies and watching the symbols on the reels spin on their mobile devices. Some of the best mobile pokies are powered by Microgaming. These games include the following:

Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider is a 5 reeled video slot machine with 15 paylines. This game invites players to join Lara Croft, the fearless female who travels around the world facing dangers and ruthless foes in order to find ancient treasures and relics. Players will join her in her journey in search for their own treasures and riches that the game can provide them with. This is because the game is packed with numerous rewarding features and bonus symbols.

Tomb Raider Pokies Pokies Tomb Raider Free Pokies Tomb Raider mobile pokies tomb raider

Major Millions

This game is a progressive mobile slot machine that has 5 spinning reels and 15 paylines. The game has wild symbols, scatters, multipliers and a highly rewarding progressive jackpot. The game is themed around warfare during World War II, this is why the game’s symbols include ancient aircrafts, soldiers and tanks.

Mobile Pokies Major's Millions Free Pokies Best Mobile Pokies Best Online Pokies

Treasure Nile

This is another progressive video slot that will take players on a journey back in time as it takes them to ancient Egypt when the Pharaohs used to rule over the lands of Egypt. The symbols include numerous Egyptian symbols, pyramids and card symbols.

Treasure Nile Pokies  treasure-nile-mobile-pokies free mobile pokies treasure nile best-mobile-pokies


Fruit Fiesta

Fruit Fiesta is a 3 reeled progressive slot machine that has a classical fruit theme. It has only one payline in the middle of the 3 reels and it comes with a wild symbol (the logo of the game) and a high paying jackpot.

fruitfiesta1 fruitfiesta2 fruitfiesta3 fruitfiesta4

Pub Fruity

Pub Fruity is another 3 reeled fruit themed slot machine but it is not a progressive game. It also has one payline in the middle. It has a jackpot that has can pay a maximum of 2,500 dollars. The symbols include the logo of the game, bells watermelons as well as other fruit symbols.

pubfruity1 pubfruity2 pubfruity3 pubfruity4

Double Magic

Double Magic is a 3 reeled classical slot machine that has one payline. The symbols that appear on the game’s reels include an electrifying blue star, bar symbols and cherries. The blue star is the wild symbol and 3 of these symbols will trigger the jackpot of the game.

doublemagic1 doublemagic2 doublemagic3 doublemagic4


Thunderstruck is one of the most successful Microgaming games, it is quite popular through the online and the mobile channel. This game offers players the chance to accompany Thor and his fellow Norse gods as he strikes enemies and obliterate them with his powerful hammer. The game has five reels and a total of nine paylines that players can place their bets on. The game has plenty of rewarding symbols and special features such as the wild symbol, the scatter symbol and a free spins round.

Thunderstruck mobile pokie pokies Thunderstruck pokie Play the Thunderstruck Pokie for Free

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Pokies Gaming Guide

First, it is important to get to know how to play the Pokie machines. These flashing and colorful heaps of metal can be found at any casino and are one of the main attractions. They can range in all different types of games and they will range in pay outs. Online gambling offers these Pokies as well and the same rules can be applied to them. There are even free Pokies available that will teach the player about Pokie machines. However, it is crucial to learn the ins and outs of the Pokie machine game about to be played so that the user has the best chance of winning some money.

Learning about the game is easy and should be displayed on the Pokies so that it cannot be missed. Reading about Pokie machines online by checking reviews can be a great idea before going to the casino. These games are not all the same and some have incredibly bad odds while others give the player a shot. Weight the risk and the reward and then check to make sure that these games are available in the chosen casino. In the casino, it is first important to find a machine that is within the user’s price range. There are anything from one cent Pokie machines to five dollar ones. Finding the one in the right price range will make the game much more fun and less stressful. Then it is time to learn how to play, and the rules of the game.

The pay table of a Pokies will show the player what combinations of symbols will pay out money. This pay table is not typically shown on the screen so it should be checked before the game starts going. By knowing what combinations are needed it is easier to understand the gameplay and how to play. Use free Pokies on online gambling to understand this concept even better.

Pay lines are another aspect of casino Pokie machines that are intuitive but still need to be dealt with. The pay line is the line that the player is betting on. Some games have one while others may have over 10 of them. These games give the player options on which reels they are going to bet on. By adding on more pay lines it takes up more money but it also gives the player a higher chance of winning. Some games may offer bonuses if multiple pay lines are won on and this can be an advantage to the player.

When looking at the Pokie machine find the spin button that will begin the betting. This button may be trickily placed next to a “bet max” button so make sure it is known where the spin button is. Then find out how the betting works. Many times it is possible to bet multiple lines and place more weight on selected lines. This will mean a better chance to win but it will cost more money at the same time. Find the right balance to the weights of the lines and feel the luck. Adjust accordingly to change the pace of the game at any time. The winnings will be added on to the bets available to make so it is possible to play forever but highly unlikely.

Many Pokie machine games will have bonus rounds if the right combination of characters are hit. These bonus rounds usually require the player to actually play along with it in order to maximize winnings. This is another reason it is great to read reviews on Pokie machines before heading to the casino. They may have some tips on how to play the bonus rounds and how to maximize winnings. Usually bonus rounds are an exciting time and it is tough to figure out how to play with all that adrenaline flowing. Take the time to read beforehand how to play the bonus rounds and it could be very beneficial.

There are some other features including auto play which make these casino games a little more interesting. By simply entering the amount of times the player wants to play the game and selecting go they can sit back and watch the reels spin away. While it varies some games allow their players to enter up to 100 times. It is possible to set the game to stop if an amount of money is won or if a certain amount is lost in the advanced settings.

Progressive jackpots are becoming rarer but they offer some of the largest payouts in casino history. Basically, the pot becomes bigger after someone plays and loses against the Pokie machine. It keeps getting bigger and bigger until someone wins the grand prize which can be huge. In order to win a progressive jackpot it is important to find out the odds of the game. The combination or outcome that has the least likely odds is probably the way to win the jackpot. This is why the jackpots get that huge.

Another exciting feature is the Bet Max button that is available on most machines. This button means the player want to play all the lines at the highest bet available. This is the all or nothing approach and it can lead to a very good day or a very depressing one. Use this button sparingly and intelligently to add a little more spice to the casino.

Pokies…Fun…and More Pokies!!

Free Pokies and online gambling, what can be more fun after a long day at work. Hearing the bells and whistles chime when those three or four fruits match-up to your bet. Pokies are the most highly played game in the online gambling community. Pokies, are an online casino game that are not quantifiable when it comes to the odds. Typically there are two types of bets that you can place on a Pokie machine. A three-line game and a 25-line game. The Pokie machine picks random numbers, so to win what you need is “random luck”. Free Pokies are an even bigger online attraction for casino game lovers.

Pokie machines also referred to as one arm bandits, were first developed by an ingenious man named Charles Fey in 1887. However, many speculate that it was actually fabricated in 1895. Even though there are hundreds of different designs out to play with now, it has come a long way from being strictly a poker Pokie. The first redraft of the machine was made with five symbols the Liberty Bell, horseshoe, spades, diamonds (a girls best friend), and hearts. In-case you are wondering why the change was even necessary, the beginning Pokie machines were based on a poker table game so-to-speak. Fey simplified this game and replaced the cards with symbols and bestowing a smaller reel with the device, the complexity of keeping track of the wins themselves were dramatically lowered. Customers were considerably more ecstatic with the amount of pay-outs they can achieve with the new devices.

In 1976 the first video Pokie was invented in Las Vegas, when the prototype became popular enough, the video Pokie machine went on a test run at the Hilton Hotel. They were changed just a bit to prevent cheating and were then approved by the Gaming Commission. These games proved to be highly popular, as mechanical break through and the demand for these entertaining Pokie machines gradually climbed, you find yourself completely overwhelmed with hundreds upon hundreds of gaming choices. Whether you are playing on the web or in a casino, you are sure to be entertained longer than you would first expect from some features revised by Fey many years ago.

The odds of hitting a certain sequence on the reel is left up to the how many virtual stops correspond to that machine. Most importantly what you want to make sure you glance at before you pull the handle down is the pay table. This is shown before the game is started and will give you what symbol sequence must be achieved in order to get a pay out from one or all of the pay lines. Once the arm lever is pulled the game begins and what you win is based on the pay lines you placed your bet on.

A pay line is determined by the machine, when the reels have stopped typically the games shows you the winning lines. These lines are no easy feat to accomplish, they can go from horizontal lines, to vertical, diagonal, zig-zag, or even a circle! If you are a true gambler at heart then the auto play and max bet are your favorites. Normally these two are played together and very rarely are they apart. Auto play will give you one option if you are indecisive about what lines to play, this option will choose for you. Played along with the bet max this maximizes your chances to win the most.

If you are a beginner to the auto-play feature in Pokie games, you need to know that it does the hard work for you. Instead of requiring you to decide the onerous task of pushing all of those buttons yourself. With basic plays you can usually fix the values to stay at any number from five to 100 spins, of course a lot of games let you go higher than that.

Feeling a little extra lucky this time around? Progressive jackpots are where you want to be, there are only a few Pokie machine games that offer this because of the upped chances to win much, bigger pay-outs. These allow players to collectively put their bets into a pot that gets bigger and bigger until the pot is won by someone. The largest jackpot recorded in U.S. history was $656 million American dollars.

What everyone loves as well as money, of course are the bonus features that come along with the thrill of these games. A majority of games will come with some kind of bonus feature which will allow you to have larger sums of money won on your pay-lines. This comes in many forms; never-the-less there are features which will turn up in most Pokie games.

Some Pokie machines will yield a certain number of free spins, allowing you to play the game but without needing to place a bet for a certain amount of turns. While every machine has its own set of rules that they must follow, you would need to read these carefully before continuing on. A favorite bonus feature of many Pokie game players is different and they’re more than likely to include various kinds of bonus rounds and rewards, all to tickle the gamblers fancy. Bonus rounds could include many different aspects such as free spins, and click me bonuses or even more creative ways of making you money.

We leave you with just a few important tips:

Watch the buttons you press

Having so much fun and winning a few pots can cause you to loose track of how much money you are really spending. It is very easy to go over the budget you set for yourself.

Check the games pay-out percentage

This checks how much players can win on a single machine.

Take care when playing progressive jackpots

These games draw us in very easily, but if you are not aware of how they work you could get in over your head.